Office 2019

What a surprise we gave to some Microsoft yesterday. Office developers announced that Office 2019 – «Office’s next perpetual update» – would arrive in the second half of 2018.

Microsoft with Office 365 or Adobe with their creative suites are classic examples, and in both cases the advantages for them – with a constant flow of money, constant, and sound – and for the users are evident.

Those who subscribe to services like Office 365 not only benefit from the same applications as those using the so-called «perpetual licenses» provided by Office 2016: they also take advantage of exclusive upgrades and upgrades or the ability to use Word or Excel only on a PC, but also on a tablet and a mobile.

Everything looks great on that subscription model, but for some it is not. Luckily Microsoft understands that it is, and that’s the reason Office 2019 will appear next year.

The reasons are obvious and basically focus on one thing: you pay once and you forget. You ensure that the product will be covered by security updates and bug fixes as a minimum, and you know that you can use Office 2019 without having to pay those monthly fees that are the norm in other services more related to streaming content ( Netflix, Spotify are the two clear examples here).

However, if your idea for that software is to use it for a very long time and you are not likely to need new options outside of those already offered (there will be Microsoft, in the case cited, to tempt us with fireworks) licenses perpetual are not only fantastic: they are a blessing that end up coming much more profitable.

Best of all, however, is the fact that both options are available, and that Microsoft defends both business models and both types of user. Good for the guys from Redmond.