October 17, Great Launch Day for Microsoft

This is the date that will be released the new update of Windows 10 named “The Fall Creators Update”, which will bring a new design called Fluent Desing and it is highly discussed in specialized forums for its new interface, but, that’s not all, the new Windows Mixed Reality technology will also launch the same day, which stole the show when it was presented to the general public.

It is a mixed of virtual reality technology and augmented, and it is ready to be used at home and installed on our PCs and will have around 20,000 applications ranging from consulting the weather to video calling through an Avatar that can be customized to the user’s liking.

This application can be used by voice commands to give you greater agility with the environment, when it create the virtual house in which you can have your own cinema and install the Netflix application for a much more real enjoyment and greater proportions.

If you love the technology of virtual or augmented reality, you must try the new technology of Windows Mixed Reality that will have a cost of 399 USD.