Mya wants to end discrimination when hiring: make it a robot with AI

Anyone who has done a job interview knows that there is a factor that is inevitable to influence to a greater or lesser extent: the prejudices of those who do that the interview can be done away with the aspirations of any candidate.

No matter what’s your appearance, race or provenance

Artificial intelligence could be the key to trying to remove them from the equation. Mya is a chatbot that is used in different companies of first level for «an initial conversation» with the candidates. This robot is able to filter the candidates according to the requirements of the post, as well as asking them about their education or experience and inform them of what their job would consist of in that position.

Other developments like HireVue do something similar but with video interviews that are analyzed by an artificial intelligence engine from which up to 25,000 types of data are extracted, among which there may be singular aspects such as the empathy of the candidates. The idea is the same, and as its CTO, Loren Larson said, the candidates «have the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, unworked or college years they went to.»