LG and Intel will work together to develop new processors

One of the most important brands in the world for its influence in the world of technology is without a doubt LG, who until recently has finished clearing rumors of new actions by the company to announce that from now on, they would make their own processor for its smartphones.

LG had a manufacturing contract with the company Qualcomm, which is responsible for manufacturing chips for mobile devices but apparently, its contract has come to an end, now the South Korean company has allied with the American technology giant (Intel) who has convinced them to make his own chips at the company’s facilities after South Korean executives attended a technical assistance forum given by Intel.

One of the main features of these new processors and chips is that they will be thinner in dimensional terms compared to those supplied by Qualcomm, this allows you will continue to be in the strong struggle to be one of the thinnest Smartphones in the world market, at the moment there are no details of the specifications of the new products.