Intel’s 10nm is made from begging. Apparently Cannon Lake is delayed until the end of 2018

Intel is not going through its best moment, where the arrival of AMD and its Ryzen have put in serious problems their plans and projects as they were defined.

According to Intel’s advances, Cannon Lake would mean 25% more performance and 45% reduction in power consumption, where the real key would be in support of LPDDR4 memory, which would allow up to 32GB of RAM without a dedicated memory controller.

Intel promises for 2019

The most affected by this decision would be Apple, who hoped to launch their MacBook Pro 2018 with 32GB of RAM LPDDR4, which would also be delayed until 2019. If Apple wants to upgrade its laptop in 2018 would have to opt for Coffee Lake and keep the MacBook Pro in the 16GB LPDDR3. This may mean that they could even move from Cannon Lake to a future upgrade and make the direct jump to Ice Lake, which in theory would arrive in 2019.