Huawei winks at Apple claiming that his Mate 10 will have a real AI

Huawei does not want to be left behind in the next big trend of mobile and Artificial Intelligence. We are still not finished with the hangover of the Apple Keynote and Huawei is already promising to improve one of the key points of the new iPhone, the neuron engine that includes the new processor Aion Bionic Cupertino.

Mate 10 will have a real AI

Huawei will present its new flagship, a Mate 10 that will have the new Kirim 970 processor, and is already trying to create the highest expectations around the technology that will be included. His main message is that his next mobile will have «real AI», in clear reference to an Apple that just introduced the new iPhone that «learn» to better recognize our faces.

Taking into account the proximity of the announcement with the publication of Apple seems a fairly clear reference, especially with the leading role that has been given to Face ID. The filing date is about the next Mate 10, which is expected to include the new Kirim 970 processors and a frameless design.