Google wants to compete with its new phone Pixel 2

Google wants to dethrone from the seat of honor the Apple X, presenting in the conference of San Francisco its two new mobile devices, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL.

Mario Queiroz and Sabrina Ellis did not cease to throw hints to their highest competitor (Iphone X) during all the presentation, with phrases such as: «We do not change the characteristics according to the size of the screen, enjoy the same» and «The Pixel users take the twice of pictures, on average, as Iphone users. So other good notice of the phone is that the devices will have an unlimited capacity in the cloud, and that’s something very attractive to the new generations.

The Pixel 2 does not come with 2 cameras in the back like other competitors, rather sought to integrate two processors for a single camera lens, in addition comes with a function called Now Playing that tells the mobile which are the most listened songs of the moment, something exclusive of Pixel.

It will also have artificial intelligence that will allow the phone to recognize any monument, street or place of the world through its integrated camera. Google is betting strongly to position this Smartphone among the most consumed of the moment.