Google activates in Mexico its people locator

Google wants to make the competition to Facebook when it comes to locating people in catastrophes and attacks. One of them was the new earthquake suffered in Mexico. Google reactivated its people locator, and we have tried it to see what it has to offer, and what alternatives it presents in front of Facebook.

How Google Locator works

Google’s pager is a tool significantly different from Facebook. It is not based directly on the interactions of its users; it shows you the information that the users themselves offer is dedicated to accepting data from other official registries and organizations that use its API.

The operation of this web service is simple. All you have to do is enter the browser on your mobile or computer and go to the page. In it you will see information aimed at developers who want to help implement it and the associations that want to upload data to the search engine.

We also found it quite unintuitive to use, and it requires too many steps to indicate that you are good, something that Facebook can do in a slightly simpler way with a mobile application instead of a simple web.