Facebook will implement facial recognition

It seems that the advanced era in social networks has arrived, after the company Apple unveiled its new Iphone X with an integrated system of facial recognition to unlock the phone, now, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook joins, as disclosed by Matt Navarra, an employee of the web portal «TheNextWeb», revealed that the company was working on a new way of personal identification for Facebook’s personal accounts, Navarra reported the news trough a tweet, Facebook could not deny the news so they announce to the web portal TechCrunch that are working on implementing it by the end of this year. This system works to increase the level of security and authenticity of the user with his/her account, for the time being, the system of facial recognition can be used only to avoid usurpation of accounts, hacking through email theft or password.

According to some statistics of the same company, Facebook has a false percentage of 27%, which is one of its biggest challenges and problems, but with the implementation of this facial recognition system, that percentage will decrease relatively, let’s wait and see what happens.