Appy Geek App

The ideal App for those who love technology and want to keep up with daily worldwide news from multiple and reliable sources is undoubtedly Appy Geek; a free tool that is available for all devices and is presented in more than 10 languages.

Science, technology, video games, gadgets, photography, and business are just a few of the millions of topics that users can add to their list and enjoy reading in the impeccable design of Appy Geek, which automatically organizes and recommends articles according to your profile and experiences.

Discover information via Tag Nav and include RSS feeds to customize the App with your preferences; an extra point for Appy Geek is that users can share news and talk about their points of view in communities with the same passion, as well as following friends and see what they consider interesting.

Being outdated was left in the past; create your profile in the App, select topics, and never miss a thing by setting alerts, and become a Geek.