Amazon Music Unlimited

This week, Amazon was surprising: it announced the arrival in Spain of Amazon Music Unlimited, its own service of streaming music to the letter.

This is Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited. They have a catalog of 50 million songs, according to the official figures that they give, and that you can enjoy in various devices. In addition, you can download music for offline listening and offer personalized playlists and recommendations.

Regarding the price, there are several modalities: the normal account and the familiar one. The first costs € 9.99 per month; the second, 14.99 euros per month and offers up to six accounts under the same subscription. If you are Amazon Prime, you can also opt for the annual plans in which you save two months: 99 euros per year for the normal or 149 euros per year for the family.

In Spain, still without Echo of any type, Amazon Unlimited Music offers no «revolution». Some users may prefer its interface or its applications, simpler and cleaner than Spotify, in front of the rest. But, beyond that and for now, it is an alternative that does not stand out from the other options.