AirPower, the new wireless charger with which you can charge three Apple devices at a time

We could see it coming, and in fact we were discussing the possibility of it. Apple has revealed one of its new accessory, this time is the AirPower, and is a charging base that can charger the battery of three devices all from the brand Apple thing that make it more interesting. This is possible for the large bases area, but the devices has to be on the wireless charger.

Apple announced its new accessory, AirPower

In the announcement of the company Apple, where they also commented some of their new products, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the one who has given more to speak for, one of its peculiarities, the iPhone X; the company announced that these will come with the ability to charge your battery without cables.

This is a base that will charge the battery up to three devices that are compatible with the AirPower. However, this accessory will be on sale in early 2018 and its price is still a secret.

Among other announcements of the brand, they showed what will be the new case for the AirPods, the wireless hearing aids we could see with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; this base will allow you to charge the battery by showing a small LED light outside the case.